• Burning grass on Soni Highland (mid-March)

    The Japanese pampas grass covering the highland withers when winter passes, and when sprin…

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  • Cherry Blossoms

    (spring)Byobuiwa is surrounded by lovely wild cherry blossoms and various trees and flower…

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  • Illumination of Byobuiwa (mid-April)

    A dreamlike space is created by illumination of Byobuiwa and cherry blossoms in the season…

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  • Local Summer festival

    fireworks festivalThere will be 1,000 fireworks lanunched in this fireworks festival.There…

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  • Mountain lamp lit

    illuminate the area around the pond with 200 lamps.

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  • Shishimai (Lion Dance) of Soni Village

    This is an autumn festival held at Kadofusa Shrine, a historic shrine which is said to hav…

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