Soni Highland Hot Spring Okame-no-yu

Taroji, Soni-village, Uda-county, Nara-prefecture
Business hours:
Open:April to November 11:00 - 21:00 (Reception is closed at 20:00.)
December to March 11:00 - 20:30 (Reception is closed at 19:30.)
Closed:Wednesday (Open if Wednesday is a national holiday, and closed on the next day.), year-end and New Year holidays
Relaxing in an open-air bath
A hot spring whose spring quality was ranked No.1 in Western Japan

There are two types of bathrooms, "Stone bathroom" and "Wood bathroom". They are provided for male customers or female customers alternately on a weekly basis. Both bathrooms have an open-air bath. There is a panoramic view of Mt. Kabuto and Mt. Yoroi from the open-air bath of Wood athroom, and Soni Highland from the open-air bath of Stone bathroom.The spring quality is sodium-hydrogencarbonate, which makes the skin moist. The spring of beauty receives high reputation from the customers. You can also eat local cuisine of Soni Village inside the building.
Remarks: Stone bathroom : Enjoy the natural hot spring in rural beauty and tasteful stone baths. There is a view of Soni Highland from the open-air bath.

Wood bathroom : Gentleness and warmth of wood are felt in this bathroom. There is a panoramic view of Soni mountains from the open-air bath.

Open-air bath : Panoramic-view bath where you can enjoy the nature of Soni like Mt. Yoroi and Mt. Kabuto

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